Me @ work...
Me @ work...
Author / Photographer:
Gerald E. Wacker
Lindenstrasse 9a
79804 Dogern

Mobil: +49 1512 330 21 22
E-Mail-Adresse: gw[at]bluespace[dot]de
Work done:
Director of Sales at Rohde & Schwarz
My passion:
Scuba diving and Underwater Photography 
UW Photography Equipment:
I am using Nikon Digital Cameras and Lenses.
The Pictures were taken with Nikon D850 in a Seacam housing, 2x Seacam Flash, ...
Follow me:
Facebook and Instagram 
SharkSchool’s main purpose is to bring humans closer to sharks, focusing on how to interact with these animals while emphasizing their crucial position and importance in the marine realm. 
SharkSchool is run by Dr. Erich K. Ritter Ph.D., an experimental shark behaviorist and avid conservationist. 
His teachings are largely based on his research in shark-human interaction where he examines factors that affect this very relationship. He further analyzes incidents with sharks–erroneously labeled as ‘shark attacks’–and also recreates these scenarios to better understand the all too often misinterpreted incidents.
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